The original Ferrocell® Lens        

If you want to control the direction
of light without using mirrors
or see the vector potential of a magnetic field in 3-D

You need a Ferrocell

an affordable price!


Cube magnet under Ferrocell.
36 RGBW LED's around and under cell

 A normally calm sea of nano particles turns into a self-organizing,
chaotic and vibrating mass of microscopic magnetite strings when influenced by a
strong magnetic field and light.

The Ferrocell Lens is a passive device that will enhance the performance of many existing
Photonics applications and create new ones...

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 ** 62mm Handheld Viewer **

see: Complete Systems

Includes Ring or Cube Neo Magnet Built-in Rechargeable batteries
and USB Battery Charger 21 White or Green 5mm ultra-bright LED's
 Price: $119.90 usd

Ferrocell Products Setup and Instructions for Use


Pix made using 'black hole'

Most Popular Demonstration Unit

100mm x 4.5mm sensitive Ferrocell
mounted in a printed ABS Light Ring
with 21 RGBW LED's
Cell may be easily removed for use in other experiments. Bottom cover removable for 'black hole' use. Includes 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz universal Power supply, LED controller with remote and a 3/4" cube  Neo magnet
Price: $249.90


Low cost Ultra-sensitive Microscope Slide Cell Kit. Includes storage case and cube magnet.

                  $19.90 - go to Ferrocells

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