Electromagnetic Deflection Unit Experiment

Inducing a 4-phase, anti-vortex electromagnetic field into the cell results in a
 360 degrees rotation of a laser beam around its Z-axis.

A static quadrupole field is seen here in an image by M. Snyder using
a 100mm Ferrocell with 36 RGBY LED's around 
its circumference:  


 I  put this field into motion using four pulses 90 degrees apart
into four
electromagnets to induce rotation into the Ferrocell.

View laser rotation in this sample video I uploaded to Youtube:

If you look closely during the first second of play, you will see a dust particle being illuminated with the spinning beam.

the Lighthouse Effect

  The next movie is another example of 360 degree rotation.
Pause and step through frame by frame to view
true rotation of a laser without using mirrors.

 Rotation around a fiber optic end-plate


Laser below Ferrocell. Beam entering rear, center of cell.
small piece of black tape blocks  z-axis of laser, top center.

if you can't watch this on your computer, click here to see on Youtube

Here's another movie showing rotation around the Z-axis.
This is an inductor test before final assembly of an EDU.
I'm using a 1 Hz rotating quadrupole field induced into a 45mm
cell positioned on top of the inductor core tips. A bronze spacer
with a fiber end-plate is positioned on top of the cell .

if you can't view this movie on your computer, click here to watch on Youtube