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View the effects of Magnetism  in 3-D Space
with High Definition and Detail using a Ferrocell

Example of Electromagnetic Lensing using a Ferrocell


What is a Ferrocell?

We’ve all seen how a magnet affects iron filings and the patterns that appear when scattered over a
sheet of paper with a magnet below. A Ferrocell will also produce patterns from a magnetic field.
But, the view you see using a Ferrocell is much more detailed and appears as a hologram in 3-D space, not a bunch of
black grains on a flat 2-D sheet of paper. A Ferrocell combines nanotechnology, optics, magnetics, quantum decoherence
ferrohydrodynamics, chaos and a host of other emergent fields of physics into a convenient laboratory you can hold in your hand.
It's the perfect tool for STEM or just for the FUN of seeing what you feel and the shimmering 3D view !

100mm Ferrocell with ring of 36 White LED's
Small magnets arranged in matrix, below cell.
(Click on image for HI-Res version)

For more detailed information, see the References page: HERE
There's nothing else like a Ferrocell®

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Ferrocell Education Guide

Written by Professors Alberto and Adriana Tufaile, the world's leading educators on the Ferrocell

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                                         Simulated                                      As seen thru Ferrocell

An extensive collection of theory, images and thoughts

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In 2018 I turned my patent into public domain. Since then, I've encouraged readers to build their own cells. Over the past few years sample sales have dropped Ferrocell's operating capital almost 70%. It's basically a non-profit now and expenses are coming out of my pocket.

But this is my mission, and I will continue to explore and demonstrate the complexities that result from the interactions of light, magnetism and nano-magnetite FREE to all.

However, if you would like to donate funds to help cover the high costs of publishing Ferrocell research in scientific journals, please click on the
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You will receive a FREE Ferrocell USA keychain flashlight for any sample order or any contribution of $10.00 usd or more.

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