Real time visualization of dynamic magnetic fields with a nanomagnetic ferrolens
Light polarization using ferrofluids and magnetic fields
Light and magnetism interacting with a Ferrocell
Absorption, scattering and emission of light by small particles
Light scattering in a magnetically polarizable nanoparticle suspension
Transient optical phenomenon in ferrofluids
Direct observation of dipolar chains in iron ferrofluids...
Photonic mapping of magnetic fields (Thesis)
Photographs of a Ferrofluid Cell
Analysis of superparamagnetic materials
Geometrical theory of diffraction
Educational tool for learning quantum science
Ferrohydrodynamics, R.E. Rosensweig
Rayleigh anomaly-surface plasmon polariton resonances
Toroidal optical activity
A Magnetic Wormhole
Modeling and control of a magnetic fluid deformable mirror for ophthealmic adaptive optics systems (Thesis)
Magnetite (Fe3O4) properties synthesis and applications
Linear and nonlinear approach to the Rosensweig instability
Generating heat with metal nanoparticles
Magnetically controlled reflection of a ferrofluid cell
Waveguide-plasmon polaritons enhance transverse magneto-optical Kerr effect
Optical properties and applications of ferrofluids- a review
Optical properties of one-dimensional soft photonic crystals with ferrofluids
Needle-like magnetic clusters in magnetic fluid and their behavior in magnetic fields
Alternative route to charge density wave formation in multiband systems
Localization and waveguiding of surface plasmon polaritons in random nanostructures
Statistical mechanics of superparamagnetic colloidal dispersions under magnetic fields
The hydrodynamics of ferrofluid aggregates
Surface waves and wave resistance in magnetic fluids

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